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About Barker Industries

Founded by F.J. Settin in 1972, Barker Industries began as a specialty chemical manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade compounds used primarily as mineral supplements. The products offered included a wide variety of alkaline earth and transition metal gluconates, citrates and tartrates. Reagent chemicals were also produced on a limited basis.

F.J. Settin began his early studies at The University of Rome, Italy in medicine. After World War II, he completed his studies in chemistry at Seton Hall University. In 1956, he opened Fielding Chemical Corp. in Jersey City, NJ producing very high purity rare earth and transition metal chemicals. Barker Industries was created from these early bench top beginnings to a bulk manufacturing company meeting the demands for high quality, fine inorganic chemicals.

Barker Industries is currently owned and operated by Marc F. Settin, Ph.D. and Robert F. Settin. Both brothers graduated from The Citadel with degrees in chemistry. Dr. Settin graduated with his Ph.D. in 1987 from Clemson University specializing in the field of bioinorganic chemistry. Robert F. Settin graduated from Queens College in 1995 with a Masters degree in Business Administration.

Today, Barker Industries manufactures over 200, high purity inorganic chemicals used primarily in the electronic, catalyst, research, and pharmaceutical industries. We Support Our TroopsThe main production facility located in Charlotte, North Carolina currently produces in excess of 500,000 lbs. of chemical products annually. The plant has several stainless steel, hastalloy, and glass reactors ranging in size from 150-1400 gallons. The operation also has complete drying and milling capabilities including bulk sieving.

Barker Industries follows good manufacturing practice guidelines producing only the highest quality inorganic compounds that are thoroughly tested with the most advanced techniques including MS-ICP, Fast Sequential AA, FT-IR and Diode Array Spectrometry.