Magnesium Oxide Powder, High Purity Grade

Assay:99.7%≥95.0% MgO
Insoluble Matter: <0.02%0.02% max.
Water-soluble substances: 0.01%0.4% max.
Loss on ignition: 0.17%2.0% max.
Ammonium hydroxide precipitate: <0.001%0.02% max.
Chloride: <0.0005%0.01% max.
Nitrate: <0.0005%0.005% max.
Sulfate and sulfite(as SO4): <0.002%0.02% max.
Barium: <0.001%0.005% max.
Calcium: 0.0004%0.05% max.
Heavy Metals: <0.0001%0.003% max.
Iron: 0.0006%0.01% max.
Potassium: <0.0001%0.005% max.
Sodium: <0.001%0.5% max.
Strontium: <0.0001%0.005% max.
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