Nickel Nitrate Hexahydrate, Reagent Grade

Assay:100.0%99.0% min.
Insoluble Matter: <0.001%0.005% max.
Cobalt: 0.001%0.1% max.
Chloride: <0.001%0.002% max.
Iron: <0.0001%0.001% max.
Lead: <0.0001%0.002% max.
Zinc: 0.0001%0.005% max.
Sulfate: 0.001%0.002% max.
Copper: 4 ppm5 ppm max.
Calcium: <0.0001%0.01% max.
Magnesium: <0.0001%0.01% max.
Potassium: <0.0001%0.01% max.
Sodium: 0.0003%0.05% max.
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